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Secure exercise field for dogs of all ages

Marvellous Hounds Dog Park

We understand that dogs and their owners get the best walks when there is no stress! If your dog is elderly, anxious or reactive the usual parks or dog walking areas are not always the best place to let your four legged pal get their exercise. 

Small blck spaniel dog playing at Marvellous Hounds Dog Park


Our field has 6 foot live stock fencing that will keep in the most athletic of dogs. We also have rabbit proof mesh to stop those who like to dig their way out! Onsite parking with entry coded double gates gives a secure environment to exercise your dog.  

Secure double gates at Marvellous Hounds Dog Park
Plants and logs for dogs to smell at Marvellous Hounds Dog Park


Dogs like to sniff, climb and hide!

Our field has obstacles and planting to give your dog plenty to occupy that amazing nose and satisfy their curiosity.


The world can be overwhelming with its noises, sights and smells. Our field is in a quiet location away from main roads and the hustle and bustle of our busy lives. With our onsite shelter you and your dog can get away from it all no matter the weather.

Shelter and seating at Marvellous Hounds Dog Park

Need more information? Find out more on our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Marvellous Hounds Dog Park is located just outside the town of Evesham, Worcestershire, England. We love to hear how we can make our exercise field work better for dogs of all sizes and abilities so if you would like to get in touch please use the details below. 

Telephone - 07815091370 or email

We've had some wonderful reviews!

Google Review

"A lovely large very secure site complete with a few activities to play on and around would throughly recommend"

Google Review

"A Review that I don't want to Write. Only because this is a fantastic facility, that we will be using regularly, and highly recommend the secure field. Booking is simple, reasonably priced for a large secure field. There is a secure dog field on our doorstep that is priced the same. The facilities at Marvellous Hounds Dog Park are far superior and for that reason we will be regularly using here. Selfishly, our only hope is that this facility doesn't become too popular, so that we can keep a regular spot."

Facebook Review

"An awesome well secured field - safe environment with multiple gates to keep you and your dogs safe. Great for nervous or anti-social hounds. Nice seating area for hoomans too.

Easy to book, easy to pay.

My dogs all enjoyed their hour."

Panoramic view of Marvellous Hounds Dog Park showing secure fencing and shelter and seating area
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